Christmas Week Continues!


Partridge in a Pear Tree at Buschart Gardens 12 Days of Christmas Lights Display.

As I had stated before I think most of us can agree that this is pretty much Christmas week.  Between Christmas and New Years there seems to be ongoing festivities and general good food that continues.  But this is when people also start to wonder what (if any) new years resolutions you will be making.

Generally I don’t make resolutions.  Goals…sure!  But resolution that are made on New Years Eve always end up being let go so much sooner for some reason.  This year I have decided I want to make some knitting goals.  Having organized my stash I have realized there are quite a few projects that need attending to and it would be great to have some of these off the needles.


Time to contemplate what I want to finish and what I want to start.  One thing is for sure – I will be knitting the Sivia Harding Jo’s Pride Hooded Shawl for the Sivia Harding Knit Along in January.  Can’t wait!  Hope you can join us for that knit along!  6913518584_712c5bb9b0_z


What do you mean….


It’s almost Christmas!  I feel like I’m just getting into the spirit of things with my tree all decorated and the house finally coming together. After all, I did have to decorate the tree twice. It fell on me…so I had to turn it so it wouldn’t do that again…which meant redecorating it.  For some reason…second time…not as fun.  I want to extend this Christmas feeling for as long as possible!  Just love the holiday feeling.  AND I love that it’s socially acceptable at this time of year to have Bailey’s in your tea or coffee…in the morning!

So I’m just making it Christmas week next week.  I’m sure many of you have lots of family plans and parties that make it Christmas week anyways.  So lets just make if official!  And have pancakes every morning, Bailey’s with our coffee and endless Christmas movies on the TV.

I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas AND a Happy Holiday Season for those who don’t celebrate Christmas.  May it be filled with lots of love, happiness and yumminess.



One of the benefits of moving

Is rediscovering your yarn stash!  It’s like Christmas all over again!  And with having the incentive of avoiding unpacking…WELL…the knitting needles were flying!  I started and finished my Sunshine Shawl and a lovely cowl out of cashmere….CASHMERE that I had not knit up…oh the shame for leaving it for so long!!

And with my lovely new spot when the sun came out yesterday I wanted to take advantage and get some photos of my finished projects!  Hopefully this finishing momentum will continue.  I do have a certain vest that needs to be finished as well (thank you Janet for the reminder!).

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Meet the lady behind Gourmet Crafter Yarns!

I had a chance to catch up with Alexa Ludeman who is the dyer behind Gourmet Crafter Yarns at Knit City in Vancouver in October.  She also collaborates with her friend Emily Wessel to create beautiful designs and has two books out now – 9 Months of Knitting and Pacific Knits.  In this interview we talk about how she got started into dying and what her inspiration is!  The Antler Cardigan we discuss in the interview is pictured below!

Those darn ends!!

The fingerless gloves awaiting finishing so I can keep my hands warm while working on the computer!

I don’t like weaving in ends.  Love knitting.  Hate finishing.  I’ve always said – I’m a knitter, not a sewer.   So even something as simple as weaving in ends makes me drag my feet.  Thankfully I have lovely fibre friends (thanks Kat!!) who are happy to share tips with me! Which means in turn I can share with you!

If you have been knitting with a wool or alpaca fibre (basically a fibre that can felt) you can needle felt in your ends!  You want to be careful not to be too aggressive about it and create a small piece of felt in your work.  But it’s a great way to secure your ends and avoid having them poke out to the right side of your project.  You just need piece of foam and a coarse felting needle to get the job done.  Quick and easy.  The way I like it!

Now as for the sewing part…well I’m really looking forward to Fiona Ellis’ “Finishing with Finesse” class in a week at the retreat here in Tofino.  I need some help with the finesse part!

Fun first day!

It was a really fun first day at Knit City in Vancouver today.  It was amazing to see so many eager people for the festival patiently lining up outside the event for the market place to open (helps they all had some knitting!).  It was great to see some familiar faces and meet some new people.  I even had a chance to catch up with teacher Kate Atherley who taught me how to knit socks back when I lived in Toronto!  Wish I could post some of the photos that I took but sadly I left my connector in Tofino.  So stay tuned for more pictures (and some video!) about my time at Knit City in Vancouver.  It was a busy day and I’m looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow.  So if you are in the Vancouver area tomorrow the market place will be open from 11:00 – 5:00 at the Croatian Cultural Centre at 3250 Commercial Drive.