Getting my Christmas on!

This past weekend Christmas threw up in my house!  Yup…as part of my Toronto shipment there was my decorations that came with it!  Which I was very excited about.  I immediately went out to the local tree farm (there are several out here!) picked a tree I thought would work and brought it home (I somehow managed to stuff it into my car).  It was REALLY big for my place.  As of right now only part of my couch is now useable unless you like having a little extra tree in your lap.  Oops.  I chalk it up to being spatially challenged!

Then it was Christmas shopping time.  As I have to ship my gifts to Ontario I was feeling a little behind on the getting this done.  But I managed.

And my favourite part of all??  WRAPPING!!  I love it so much.  I even do friends gift wrapping if they need it!  Things got serious this year as I knew the bows and decorative glass had to survive shipping so the glue gun was brought out.  A glue gun, some wine and Elf playing on the TV made for a fun night of wrapping up all the gifts.