Getting through the boxes

Hooray my furniture arrived from Toronto!  And then I realized…that means unpacking a whole lot more stuff!!  Blerg!  Things are slowly getting settled in the new home by I must say I will be a very happy lady when I’m able to crush the final box!  This unpacking has interrupted my knitting (again!).  But it has been fun to figure out how to make my seating in my house conducive to knitting and also prevent the kitty from crawling on top of it.  My beautiful new yarn bowl from Cheryl at the Tofino Tea Bar now has a special place next to my cozy chair.  And I’m testing out the basket again but this time elevating it off the floor.  As last time it was on the floor it became a perfect little spot for the cat.  The fun side of unpacking I guess!


My new yarn bowl. Thank you Cheryl!


Testing the basket option again for holding projects.


One of the benefits of moving

Is rediscovering your yarn stash!  It’s like Christmas all over again!  And with having the incentive of avoiding unpacking…WELL…the knitting needles were flying!  I started and finished my Sunshine Shawl and a lovely cowl out of cashmere….CASHMERE that I had not knit up…oh the shame for leaving it for so long!!

And with my lovely new spot when the sun came out yesterday I wanted to take advantage and get some photos of my finished projects!  Hopefully this finishing momentum will continue.  I do have a certain vest that needs to be finished as well (thank you Janet for the reminder!).

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Meet the lady behind Gourmet Crafter Yarns!

I had a chance to catch up with Alexa Ludeman who is the dyer behind Gourmet Crafter Yarns at Knit City in Vancouver in October.  She also collaborates with her friend Emily Wessel to create beautiful designs and has two books out now – 9 Months of Knitting and Pacific Knits.  In this interview we talk about how she got started into dying and what her inspiration is!  The Antler Cardigan we discuss in the interview is pictured below!

Interview with Kate Atherley

I had the chance to catch up with designer/teacher Kate Atherely at Knit Social in Vancouver in October.  Here is a little interview about her, how she got started and about her new book coming out!  My apologies in advance for the background noise.  It was tough to find a quite spot and we were near the sky train.  Think of it as adding to the urban feel of the video.  To find out more about Kate you can read her blog here!

My new neighbours

There have been lots of changes these last two months and that includes a personal relocation for me.  Although it was very hard to say goodbye to Tofino I’m excited to explore a new part of the island.  In order to be a little more centrally located I have moved to a little town just north of Courtenay called Oyster River.  I am excited to be able to be still be living near the ocean and also to get a little taste of living on a farm!  I am living on an organic apple farm with lots of fuzzy neighbours around me.  And the best part is I don’t have to do any farming…just enjoy the scenery!

So I have been enjoying meeting my new neighbours which include goats, sheep and horses.  Looking forward to exploring the area further.  Are you familiar with this area?  Would love some suggestions on things to do and places to check out!!!

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What a weekend!!

It was a weekend of cozy knitting, great company and a fun teacher.  A big thank you to everyone who came out for Knits by the Sea’s first fall retreat!  And thank you to Fiona Ellis for making the weekend so much fun.  More pictures of this great event will be posted on our Facebook page soon so if you weren’t able to make it you can see what it was like!

We had a fun weekend learning all about cables and knitting as meditation.  And thanks to Flickerine for providing a lovely yoga for knitters class to start off our first morning.  Some of the swatches people were working on were just amazing.  Would love to see more of your projects if you would like to share!  For more information on upcoming retreats you can visit our website here.  Sivia Harding will be joining us in March!