It’s been awhile

I’ve needed some time.  Time to really asses personal and professional goals, directions and what to do next.  And with that I have come to the final decision to close the Knits by the Sea brand as a business.  This blog will continue on as a personal blog about my love of knitting and various adventures that I have.  But it will no longer be associated with the original brand of Knits by the Sea that was the shop in Tofino.  I figure since I’m still knitting by the sea here in the Comox Valley that the blog title still works.  I will also be continuing with various videos and reviews when time permits.  I hope you can continue to share this journey with me and our mutual love of knitting and everything fiberlicious!


17 thoughts on “It’s been awhile

  1. Thanks for the update; I’ve been wondering where you were headed but wasn’t sure how to ask. Best of luck with your next adventure.

  2. Dear Ellie, I’m heartbroken to have just read that your Knits By the Sea no longer exists. (I know…. you posted that back in the Spring and it’s now September. Can you tell I don’t get out much??!) I live in Alaska and once ordered Sweatermaker Yarn Marjorie (in blue) from you. We even talked on the phone because there was a computer glitch in placing my order on the internet. Do you remember me? I have been dreaming of your knitting retreat since then, always telling myself that someday I would gift myself that trip. I shouldn’t have waited!! You were so kind in helping me with my yarn selection — thank you for that. You asked for a picture of the Oaklet Shawl when I had finished with it. Now I promise to send you one (if your old email address is still working). I still do hope to meet you one day; you sound like such a special woman. The Marjorie yarn is still my favorite to knit with; it is so beautiful. I will be wishing you much happiness in all of your life’s adventures. Kind thoughts I send from Eagle River, Alaska ~~Monica

    • Monica! Thank you so much for your kind words. I have not checked back here for some time. It was a difficult road after I closed the business and decided I needed a break. I hope this reaches you. This message really made me smile. I miss my shop often and it makes me so happy to hear that some of my favorite yarn made it so far north 🙂 I hope you are continuing to knit up a storm! I will be switching over to a new business venture at and will be closing this site down. Would love to connect on Ravelry so I can see your great knitting projects! My name there is ellieknitting. I hope you are doing great and have found a knitting retreat to treat yourself too!!
      Much Gratitude ~ Ellie

  3. Visiting Tofino at the moment and wondered where you were…your store was a gem in Tofino and there is a real gap for holiday knitters. Good luck with your new adventures

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