Those darn ends!!

The fingerless gloves awaiting finishing so I can keep my hands warm while working on the computer!

I don’t like weaving in ends.  Love knitting.  Hate finishing.  I’ve always said – I’m a knitter, not a sewer.   So even something as simple as weaving in ends makes me drag my feet.  Thankfully I have lovely fibre friends (thanks Kat!!) who are happy to share tips with me! Which means in turn I can share with you!

If you have been knitting with a wool or alpaca fibre (basically a fibre that can felt) you can needle felt in your ends!  You want to be careful not to be too aggressive about it and create a small piece of felt in your work.  But it’s a great way to secure your ends and avoid having them poke out to the right side of your project.  You just need piece of foam and a coarse felting needle to get the job done.  Quick and easy.  The way I like it!

Now as for the sewing part…well I’m really looking forward to Fiona Ellis’ “Finishing with Finesse” class in a week at the retreat here in Tofino.  I need some help with the finesse part!


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